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Niche Integrated Solutions established in 2013. We are a 100% black women owned and managed Organization. We lead technology innovation to the Africa continent and through this, create jobs, uplift skills in technology and foster technology transfer.

We are operational across all areas of South Africa. Our offerings entail

  1. Global leading Software solutions
  2. IT services
  3. Training and development
  4. Event management

Our Offerings Offerings

Business Development

Assisting you to grow your business through partnership sales and lead origination, prospect targets and management
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Global Leading Software Solutions

All our solutions are global leading solutions, unique, end to end solutions that improve operations and reduce spend
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Telco Value Added Services (VAS)

Voice based communications, packaged software offerings for corporate customers etc.
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Networking and Optical

Fibre, Range of Infrastructure, Microwave Offering etc.
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IT Services

Application development, Testing services-user acceptance, Maintenance & Support –SAO etc.
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Training and Development

Training, Skills management, growth wheel, self mastery etc.
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